Shaima Behery

B.Sc., Resident PT, Virtual Physio


University of Toronto
University of Western Ontario


Honours Bachelor’s of Science
Master’s of Physical Therapy

Shaima has always had an interest in the health care system and she began her journey by completing her Honours Bachelor’s of Science in psychology and biology for health sciences at the University of Toronto. From there, Shaima completed her Master’s of Physical Therapy at the University of Western Ontario.

Shaima’s goal is to provide patient-centered, evidence-based care with a focus on achieving the patients’ goals and ensuring their satisfaction with treatment. As well, she has a vested interest in manual therapy as & women’s health – as shown by certification in both manual therapy techniques & pelvic floor physiotherapy. Shaima has had experience in working with patients of all age groups with various complex conditions, with a focus on orthopedic conditions. As well, her psychology background has benefited her patients as she believes that an individual’s mental state is a large part of the recovery process. Thus, Shaima ensures that her patients are feeling heard and have autonomy when it comes to their own treatment. Her treatment style combines exercise, manual therapy, and some modalities for acute injuries. Shaima believes that optimal functional results are achieved by using a combination of treatments, with a focus on an active approach for long term benefits and recovery.

Favourite Muscles

Serratus Anteriori