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Custom Orthotics & Braces in Oakville

Halton Chiropractic Clinic offers many custom-made foot orthotics and prescription and non-prescription braces to give its patients the best possible support. We know the importance of having the right prescription, fit, and wearing instructions because an improperly fitted support will not function properly. Every one of our products is 100% guaranteed to be defect-free and includes a warranty that ensures fit.

Benefits of Custom Orthotics and Braces

Custom orthotics and braces have several uses, but the main ones are to treat musculoskeletal problems, offer support, and reduce pain or discomfort. The following are some typical justifications for using braces and custom orthotics:

Support for the feet and ankles: Custom orthotics can help treat biomechanical abnormalities in the feet and ankles, including high arches, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendinitis.

Stabilization of the joints: Rheumatoid arthritis, injuries, and hypermobility syndrome can all cause joint instability. In addition to lowering the chance of additional damage, they can offer stability.

Pain relief: Braces and orthotics can help reduce pain brought on by several ailments, such as joint, knee, and back pain. They can lessen discomfort during daily activities by distributing pressure and offering support.

Posture correction: By supporting the feet, ankles, knees, or back, orthotics and braces can help realign the body and lessen the strain on muscles and joints. It can help correct bad posture.

Sports performance: Athletes frequently wear custom braces and orthotics to enhance performance and avoid injuries. These tools can lower the risk of overuse injuries, improve biomechanics, and offer support during strenuous exercise.

Rehabilitation: Following surgery, an injury, or trauma, braces and orthotics are commonly used during the recuperation phase. They can aid in the affected area’s proper healing and recovery by offering protection, stability, and support.

Preventive care: Some people address potential problems or support weak or vulnerable body areas with custom orthotics or braces to lower their risk of injury or degeneration over time.

A custom orthotic can help lessen pain in secondary locations like the knee, hip, or back and alleviate foot pain if you have plantar fasciitis, muscle imbalances, joint problems, or other painful conditions. In addition to helping to prevent or stop the progression of degenerative changes in foot arches, alignment, and even overall shape, custom orthotics can also help prevent or stop the formation of bunions or dropped metatarsals.

Instead of immediately healing tissue damage, custom orthotics encourage positive biomechanical changes in your feet over time. Because of this, the benefits of orthotics for foot health are typically felt over time and do not always happen instantly, though they occasionally do. We can also offer short-term therapeutic intervention, which may benefit you based on the state of your feet.

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